The Bunkie comes in 4 distinct models – and come in a range of interior options that can fit anyone’s lifestyle.
All models measure 106 SQ.FT. with no building permit required and a complete installation of the pre-assembled components in just days, this composed dwelling offers and ideal solution to anyone that desires their own sense of place

How to get The Bunkie



Our sales executives will walk you through selecting a model, orderings your custom options and any other question that you may have. 



The Bunkie is a prefabricated structure with original charm — no finishing or painting is needed. Once your order is placed, our
Production Team pre-assembles your Bunkie components at our factory located just north of Toronto Canada.



You will need to prepare your property before installation can begin, but breathe easy — installation of The Bunkie does not require a building permit!

Preparing your site is simple; different options are available depending on your property:

1. A concrete pad 8 inches deep with integrated rebar
2. Sonotubes with pressure treated, wooden cross members
3. Grade Beams (either concrete curbs or pressure-treated 4 x 4’so n beds of tamped limestone screening)



The Bunkie is shipped as a series of pre-assembled components that are fastened together efficiently once on site. Delivery time
depends on shipment destination. With the help of our Bunkie installers, your Bunkie can be ready in 2-3 days!


Our online brochure is now available. Click the link below and learn more about how The Bunkie is the ideal solution for anyone that desires their own sense of place.

Download our Brochure


  • What is the cost of the Bunkie?

    • Please refer to the “model” section of our website
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  • What are the dimensions of the unit?

    • The external dimensions of the built unit are 8.5 ft.(2.62m) Wide x 12.5 ft.(3.85m) Deep x 11.5 ft.(3.54m) High
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  • Does the Bunkie require a building permit?

    • The depth and width has been designed specifically to avoid the requirement for a building permit
    • Local zoning bylaws can still have precedence, so we ask all clients to check with their local zoning bylaws
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  • How is the Bunkie shipped?

    • The Bunkie is prefabricated, flat packed and shipped via delivery truck
    • In the case of long distance and overseas orders, shipping is available to the nearest freight depot
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  • What type of foundation does it sit on?

    We propose different options depending on the site:

    • 1 – A concrete pad 12 feet x 8 feet x 8” deep – 4” submerged in the ground, 4” out of the ground and with integrated rebar
    • 2- Sonotubes with pressure treated, wooden cross members
    • 3- “Grade Beams” (either concrete curbs or pressure-treated 4 x 4’s on beds of tamped limestone screening
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  • What Are The R & U Ratings? (Walls, Base, Ceiling, Windows, Door)

    • R factors: Walls = R24 / Ceiling = R24 / Base = R24
    • The walls and base are treated typically with Roxul batt insulation
    • U factors: Windows & Doors = U 0.28
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  • What type of plywood is used?

    • The Bunkie is made of Canadian fir and spruce structural plywood. The interior is made from Maple faced, formaldehyde-free Purebond plywood and veneer core decorative panelling
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  • Does the chimney detail create any snow load or water issues?

    • The roof has been structurally engineered to exceed snow load requirements at every point in the multi-faceted, CNC cut profile
    • The roof design features an integrated cricket to ensure proper run-off
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  • What type of Roof Finishing does it have?

    • The roof is clad with the same material that is chosen for the wall cladding. Beneath the cladding there is an impermeable, waterproof drainage membrane
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  • Does it have ventilation?

    •  Ventilation is through a large tilt-turn window. Cross ventilation is achieved by using the tilt-turn window in unison with the entrance door – a retractable screen may be purchased for an additional fee
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  • What is the size of the Murphy bed?

    • The Bunkie accommodates a Queen Size Murphy Bed [60” (152.4 cm) Wide x 80” (203.2 cm) Long]
    • Mattress is not included
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  • Is there an upper loft bed?

    • Currently only one wall bed is being offered
    • We are not offering an upper loft bed at the moment due to structural requirements,  further details will be provided when available.
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  • Do both glass walls have a door?

    • One side of The Bunkie has an entrance door, the other side comes equipped with a tilt-turn window that also has the ability to function as a door. Note: You must request to remove the standard tilt-turn window screen if you wish to use it as a door
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  • Where is the kitchen?

    • The Bunkie has been designed as an auxiliary building to an existing home. We do not provide solutions for running water at this time. You may purchase a basic Bunkie with no features and work with your own contractor to customize
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  • Can multiple Bunkies be joined together?

    • It is possible to purchase two Bunkies, install them separately and connect them visually with a breezeway, deck and/or trellis. Please visit our Gallery for inspiration
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  • Where is the bathroom?

    • The Bunkie has been designed as an auxiliary building to an existing home. We do not provide solutions for running water at this time. However if you were to purchase two Bunkies, one could be used as a kitchen / bathroom and the other for sleeping/playing. A composting toilet is a viable option. Please contact us for recommendations
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  • Does the ethanol fireplace require ventilation?

    • The ethanol fireplace is a standalone unit that does not require ventilation or a fuel line
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